Green Bike Kit Co., Ltd(GBK) is not only a retailer, it also has its own factory for building lithium batteries, chargers and ebike kits.

As one of the distributors of Bafang, besides selling complete Bafang motor kits, we also provide maintenance or repair parts for BBS01(B), BBS02(B), BBSHD, Bafang Max drive M400, Bafang Ultra M620 and other bafang mid motor parts. You can find any parts you need for the Bafang motor maintenance, bbs rotor, BBSHD stator, Max drive clutch, Max drive controller, Bafang M400 reduction gear, Bafang Ultra torque sensor, Bafang M620 stator, BBSHD gasket,  BBS gear, BBS PAS etc. Also, we have developed plenty of BBS extension products for modifying the BBS kit, such as the BBS installation spanner, the BBS throttle/brake extension cables, LCD extension wires which might be used if you convert your tricycle into ebike with the BBS kit. Also, for other Bafang motors, we also offer bafang hub motor repair parts, for example, RM G06 gear set, Fatbike motor cover with cassette base, the BPM motor’s nylon gear, RM G070 clutch, RMG010 clutch, SWXK serial motor’s gear and clutch etc. If you are looking for a light weight front or rear motor, our GBK-100F and GBK-100R motors would be a good choice.

Our battery assembling factory started in 2015, we have a unique team for building and testing battery packs. Why our prices for the ebike battery is a big higher because we only use Grade A cells to build battery packs, such as Panasonic NCR18650PF, Panasonic NCR18650BD, Sanyo NCR18650GA, Samsung INR18650-35E, Samsung INR18650-32E cells. This year, with the increasing price for premium 18650 cells, we introduce LG21700 M50T and Samsung INR21700-50E cells for our batteries which are cheaper than Samsung/Panasonic 18650 batteries; We don’t use cheap cells because we don’t want to ruin our reputation. You may not find the difference for the Grade A and cheap battery at the beginning; the difference may come out a year or longer time later, for example, battery with A grade cell may still have 90% capacity, but battery with cheap cell may only have 50% capacity after 18 months usage(the characteristic for lithium battery is capacity will be reduce with usage as we all know). People say our price for batteries is high, but we are sure you will be worthy to buy an A grade battery for your ebike.

Our Smart BMS with PC communication and mobile App bluetooth settings are also hot recently. We have serial casing downtube batteries that are popular and we are trying to make those casing batteries to be available with Bluetooth modifying which you can read all the parameters or even set the parameter via the mobile.

E-bike conversion kit in GBK includes front driving conversion kit, rear driving ebike kits, front e-bike kit would be easily assemble than rear conversion kit; We have small and high speed e-bike kit, such as GBK-85 and GBK-100 kits, they are light, especially for those that looking for portable electric bike; we are also agent of Bafang hub motors, RM G06, RM G070, RM G010 hub motors, G311 hub motors, BPM, SWXU, SWXK2 etc. You can DIY your own electric bike here.

As one of the Kunteng distributors, we provide KT controllers and KT LCD as well. Our charger includes a small charger and large charger, from 120W to 4000W with voltage from 12V to 320V and AC put from 90V to 240V. All of our chargers are with alloy shells which are better in cooling than plastic chargers, as we all know, chargers are hot when they are in charging mode.

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